The Ambassadors

Prof. Alessandro Scalise

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences Polytechnic University of Marche company Ospedali Riuniti Ancona

Dott. Alessandro Greco

Specialist in Dermatology Head of the Skin Ulcer Center of the ULS Frosinone Company

Dott. Ciro Falasconi

Specialist in Emergency Surgery Referent Skin Ulcers Clinic ASL NAPOLI 1 CENTRO Napoli

Dott. Giuseppe Nebbioso

Specialist in Surgery and Urology Outpatient clinic for the treatment of chronic skin lesions and diabetic foot ASL NAPOLI 1 CENTRO Napoli

Dott.ssa Deborah Granara

Nurse Specialized in Wound care SC Health Professions / Vulnology Asl 3 Genovese

Dott. Francesco Giacinto

Professor at c. MG Cz University Spec. In Emergency Surgery and PS Referent for Vulnology ASP CS Resp. Amb. Sperim. of Vulnology Castrolibero ASP Cs National Councilor Responsible for Coordination of Regional Sections AIUC

Dott. Francesco Petrella

Specialist in General Surgery Head of the II Level Center Business Network for Tissue Repair (RART) -ASL NAPOLI 3 SUD Secretary Gen. AIUC Professor of Master Wound Care University Federico II Naples

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