The Wound Hygiene Clinical Capability Framework has been designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills to undertake Wound Hygiene safely and effectively.

An illustration of a four-step process for decontaminating and cleaning a wound effectively

Wound Hygiene is built upon a four-step regime designed to comprehensively clean and decontaminate a wound, overcoming barriers to healing often caused by the presence of Biofilm.


The Framework provides a detailed overview of the knowledge and skills required to effectively implement Wound Hygiene and is intended to enable you to build confidence, courage and capabilities within the four steps of Wound Hygiene. It is relevant for all who work within a wound care environment, and has been developed to recognise the varying levels, grades, or bands of healthcare practitioners.


The Framework acts as an evidence repository of current level of clinical practice. It is designed as a capability - not competency - framework, so it is important that users are able to understand and recognise the difference between capability and competency.

An illustration of a nurse cleaning a wound

Each step of the Wound Hygiene Capability assessment is split into two distinct sections:

An illustration of a nurse reading a document on wound care capabilities

Theoretical or practical understanding of a subject

Illustration of a man's set of capabilities developed through training, experience, or practice

Proficiencies developed through training, experience, or practice

How to use The Framework

The Framework is designed as an initial self-assessment tool to help you recognise your current level of knowledge and practice and identify specific areas for further development.

We recommend that a self-assessment is completed prior to commencing Wound Hygiene to ensure if new to Wound Hygiene it supports the recognition of any gaps in your knowledge and work within your scope of professional practice.

Following completion of a self-assessment you may need to discuss the levels of knowledge or practice indicated with your clinical mentor or assessor to ensure you have assessed yourself at the correct level. It may be necessary to then develop personal development or action plans.

The assessment can be carried out by Self-assessment

By you with or without a clinical mentor or assessor.

Formative assessment

By you and your clinical mentor/assessor during the process of building capability.

Summative assessment

By you and your clinical assessor to determine your level of achievement.

How assessments are undertaken, and by whom, will be driven locally, depending on individual, professional body regulations and employer internal governance processes.

Any questions about how to start using the Capability Framework?